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Who killed Josh Powers in Clarksville, Texas 72

Its been written by many that if you want to get away with murder, do it in Clarksville, Texas. There have been numerous murders that have happened in Clarksville that are still unsolved to this day. Red River County typically has a poor record of solving these cold murder cases. Whether it is shoddy police work, no investigations performed, or just plain incompetence, this cannot keep happening.

Shamekka Dennis aka YES Girl arrested and in Lamar County Jail

Josh Powers was well loved by many. You can see that love emanating itself through Josh’s Facebook page. It seems he touched peoples lives all over during his lifetime. On Dec 23, 2015 Josh Powers was found dead in his home on Delaware St. in Clarksville, Tx. The Clarksville Times which is the local newspaper ran an article that stated there were no signs of trauma or any obvious indication of the cause of death. Per the Clarksville Times the scene indicated that Josh has been dead a few days. City Manager Wayne Dial stated

“There were no signs of gun shot wounds or stab wounds.”

Then why the closed casket?

If you are from Clarksville you know as well as I do that gossip lives and breathes there. You can’t live there and not gossip… With that said imagine the things people are saying about this murder. Clarksville is a small town and is small enough that everyone knows everyone else. You cannot trust too many people in Clarksville, TX with a secret. People talk too much. There are rumors of course on what happened to Josh. However there seems to be one clear bell ringing through all the talk. Someone robbed and then killed Josh Powers. Everyone is saying it and everyone is hearing it.

Josh’s funeral is today. He will be laid to rest eternally while we are all left here behind him. Soon enough we will meet him at the crossroads of life and death. While we are left here, we have to stand up for what is right and what is wrong. This murder must be solved and quickly.

This is the type of case that Val Varley should be focusing on. Instead of targeting innocent people like Willie Edwards, solve the unsolved murders in Red River county. Prosecute those that murder others and stop letting these cases stay unsolved. Willie knows this all too well. Her brother Robert Edwards (BB) was found dead in Clarksville, TX and to this day his death is still unsolved.

I hope that the powers that be in Clarksville will not let this case fizzle out. There are many things being said and lets hope the police have zeroed in on the suspects. It has to be a terrible feeling knowing you killed someone and everyone is talking about it. You cannot show your face at the Korner store, because you know what we are all thinking. You know that everyone knows it was you. Some of us may even be thinking to ourselves, if they would have put you in prison a long time ago, this would have never happened. Maybe your luck has finally run its course

If you can, help Josh’s family. They really need the support right now.

Update to this case



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