Trump ends DACA Proving His Racism Towards Hispanics – TRUMP IS RACIST

Trump Ends DACA And It Is WRONG!

Trump ends DACA proving he is a heartless racist with no conscious what-so-ever. 45 is what we call Donald Trump as he does not deserve the respect of being called President Trump. Trump is VERYTr CORRUPT! Trump is just trying to win anything he can no matter the cost. No matter whose life he affects. He sleeps in his gold plated bed. Donald Trump is a corrupt politician and I cant wait until RussiaGate blows up full steam!

45 is doing everything he can to destroy President Obama’s legacy and keeps implementing policies in regards to Immigration that are racist and illegal and unconstitutional! In this video he proceeds to call immigrants “Animals”

#ImpeachTrump #NOW

How much longer must we deal with this???!!!

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