PROOF – Young MA does NOT have a Ghost Writer – Leaked Audio of D Ride admitting the Publicity Stunt


Young MA told all of us that she does not have a ghost writer. It is now apparent that she is telling the absolute truth.

The biggest Troll Of The Year award has to go to D Ride aka Darnell Wright who went on Youtube, released a video full of lies in an effort to defame Young M.A. and to capitalize off her fame as you will hear him say in this video.

Many people out here on the internet have released stories and videos and have shared this mans video as if it is the GOSPEL! However it is a BIG FAT LIE and LeakYou.com can prove it.

This Video includes snippets of my conversation with D Ride after he contacted LeakYou.com in an effort to get “his story” out. The Recorded Audio is very clear in that this is a publicity stunt that he is pulling in an effort to get famous.

Just for the record… LeakYou is #RedLyfe all day! I LOVE Young M.A. She is by far the hottest rapper out here right now, Smart, Intelligent, and not bowing to a record label or anyone in the industry. She is taking the industry BY STORM!

This Troll knows it and that is why he is doing this. I suspect with King Yella it was the same exact thing. Also those guys in Chicago who are threatening Young M.A. talking about she aint showing up at shows and all that, I suspect a lot of that is people trying to capitalize off of the stories and the fame of Young M.A.

Yall Stop HATING! Stop It! Enjoy the music that she gives us!! NEVER LIE, They always come out. D Ride – Enjoy your 15 mins of fame…

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