Charnesia Corley accuses police of fingering her vagina during traffic stop

Charnesia Corley is Traumatized after Houston Police Officer sticks 2 fingers in her vagina during traffic stop to look for marijuana

Charnesia Corley’s life has been changed forever. These numskull cops believed she had marijuana in her vagina after not finding any in the car after claiming they smelled some. So what do they Do, force her down and insert their fingers inside of her vagina… truly unbelievable and they should be fired IMMEDIATELY and charged with RAPE!

The lawyer for a 23-year-old lady suing the Harris County Sheriff’s Office over a roadside body cavity search is requesting a special prosecutor following the lead prosecutor’s office dismissal of charges against two police officers accused of abuse of their authority. They stand accused of raping a woman during a traffic stop by inserting fingers into her vagina while looking for weed.

Charnesia Corley Video released from police dash cam

Charnesia Corley Lawyer releases the Full Video

Lawyer Sam Cammack, flanked by nonconformists and Black Lives Matter activists at a news gathering Monday before the Harris County Criminal Courthouse, said the two delegates ought to be on trial as opposed to having their cases dismissed on the eve of trial.

Cammack also released a dashcam video of the episode Monday that he says bolsters his case, however a lawyer speaking to one of the representatives says the video vindicates them.

Cammack wants a special prosecutor to research the case and to take these cops to a jury trial and for them to be prosecuted.

The police officers – Ronaldine Pierre and William Strong have stubbornly denied any wrongdoing and were unbelievably cleared by an inward examination.

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The Harris County Sheriff’s Office released a statement saying a warrant is required to perform a body cavity search and it must be done in a private and sterile place.

In June 2015, Corley was pulled over by Harris County agents in northwest Houston for running a stop sign. The cops said they smelled pot and found none in her car which led to the WOMAN cop sticking her fingers in this Charnesia’s vagina.

Any police officer who tries to defend this should be fired also. Enough is enough… We are done taking police brutality. We have been beaten down enough. NO MORE!

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