Lady Snoop And Team Threaten To Kill LeakYou

Lady Snoop, Ask April, and Lashaunda Green Gospel Threaten To Shoot LeakYou.com During Youtube Live Stream.

Melanese Roberson who goes by the name Lady Snoop, April Gilmore who goes by the name Ask April, and Lashaunda Green (Gospel) did a panel on Youtube in which they cyberbullied and harassed LeakYou.com then threatened to shoot me. I have taken the clips from the video and have created a video so that people do not have to sift through a 2 hour live stream.

This video is evidence and has been provided to my local police, The FBI, and IC3. Lady Snoop has flagged multiple Instagram posts of mine as well as Youtube videos. Lady Snoop even made the claim that I threatened her with a gun on a Youtube Video. I had to go thru a long appeal process with Youtube to get the video reinstated. The video was not only reinstated but monetized.

To all my followers please be mindful and careful as they have been attacking my moderators and my subscribers. The more attention this gets the better and I give FULL PERMISSION for anyone to reshare this video. If you would like a copy to download let me know and I will provide you a onedrive link where the video is stored. You can also screen record it, or download it from Youtube, Facebook, Periscope, or Twitch. You can also download it here on my website as I have uploaded it for you to view below:


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