Kendrick and Adrienne Burnett Commits’ Federal Crime On YouTube With Malicious Intent | Ken Nola News aka Mr 504 aka MrCry04

Kendrick Burnett Commits Federal Crime

Kendric Burnett from New Orleans, LA has committed a federal crime by doxing a member of the military. This crime carries a 5 year sentence and is currently under investigation. Kendrick who chose to go by the name KEKE which is a girls name, has created havoc on Youtube and has attacked multiple women and children. He even said he wanted to stick his penis in a child’s mouth. We must report his channel and get him kicked off YouTube.

More information coming on this clown. We will continue to apply pressure.

#LeakYou #KendrickBurnett #AdrienneBurnett #KekeSoGay #KekeSoHandsome

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