Just Brittany plays the part of abused woman during her Live Video while promoting new show

Just Brittany plays the part of abused woman during her Live Video.

Just Brittany aka Brittany Bullock has leveled charges against legendary Houston rapper Z-Ro stating that he abused her over a 2 hour span MONTHS AGO AND SHE RECORDED IT INSTEAD OF CALLING 911.

Just Brittany is obviously working to build her “brand”. Another Blac Chyna to me, my personal opinion… however, an abused woman who was held hostage for hours doesn’t go from daytime talk show to show unless there is an ulterior motive… Also if you notice her new show is coming out like right now, just around the time she leveled these charges. Also #BrittanyHouston or #JustBrittany is pushing her new album all AFTER she leveled these charges.

She is CLEARLY promoting her show and herself on her FB page… AND she only was around Z-Ro since February… This smells and looks like a setup to get Publicity but this is not the way to do it Brittany.

I’m sorry if this offends any of you guys but I am from Texas and instead of recording this so called abuse she could have called 911. She waited for 3 months to file charges. Word is that Z-Ro was trying to break things off with her and she seen the writing on the wall then all of a sudden her name starts ringing with Z-Ro name and Z-Ro gets arrested on FELONY charges and #JustBrittany now has another notch in her belt on her upward climb to fame…

If true Not Fair to Z-Ro for this to be handled like this. She should not use Z-Ro and this incident to climb up in her quest to become famous off someone else’s back who IS famous and a legend of HTown, Texas. What I am seeing is that Just Brittany is doing exactly that. She may have been assaulted, but it is obvious that the sudden leak of the audio of this beating comes out AFTER her 1st appearance on the VH1 show Signed. It appears she is slowing leaking things while also promoting herself on her website and Facebook page.

Angry Justice

Just disgusting….

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