Gucci Mane Ruthless And At The Top Of The Rap Game

Lets just call him King Gucci Mane

Gucci Mane is back and doing it BIG. Lets just call him the King of Rap right now and no that is not an overstatement. It has been a long time since the world has seen someone emerge even bigger than what they were after spending time in prison. That is exactly what Gucci Mane has managed to do. We can place Boosie and Tupac Shakur in that category and now King Gucci. Gucci Mane I am sure would not profess to be a perfect man, but let me tell you something… Gucci Mane’s music is perfect.

The slow, trappy, funky, drawled out, and bassy beats are pleasingly harmonious. Yes Mike Will Made It alright. Who could possibly not know who Mike Will is…? Gucci Mane is the Rap King, but Mike Will is the beating heart that makes Gucci Mane possible with his plethora of extremely impressive beats. Mike Will has worked with other artists as well.

Think I am lying.. Play this song Waybach when you get in your car on your way to work tomorrow morning… Turn the volume up to its max and in about 1 min, you will feel like you are the baddest bitch rollin! Try it!



Gucci Mane controls his social media very well. Its not too commercialized and Gucci is constantly releasing music on his YouTube Channel. This is all the more reason I am absolutely subscribed and alerted ANY time Gucci uploads a new video. King Gucci’s music is always new, fresh, and has great buildups from the very start. King Gucci Mane’s signature voice and rapping style is like none other and absolutely NO-ONE can rap like him. Gucci is his own being, has constant hands on his business which is himself keeping things A-1.

One of the most defining moments of Gucci Mane’s career is when he dropped his famous hit First Out Tha Feds less than 24 hours after being released from Federal prison.



This was absolutely brilliant on Gucci’s part and was reminiscent to me of the time 2pac was released from prison and he wrote all the lyrics and produced his 7 Day Theory album in literally only 7 days. Tupac’s work ethic is very known in the industry of a workaholic. It seems that prison brought out some of the best music that Tupac gave to the world. So far it also seems to me that this is also the case with Gucci Mane. Gucci is dropping music now that seems matured, confident, and gives the feeling that Gucci is doing things exactly as he wants. He did have 3+ yrs to plot his comeback. So far great job.

Just listen to Gucci’s earlier music prior to this most recent run in with the law and his imprisonment. It is great music. It has those beats and that signature Gucci voice we have come to know and love and then look at Gucci newer music. I can see the differences, but maybe I am a Super Gucci Mane fan. Let me tell you something about the South… The Texas south and the Georgia south are really 2 different things… We absolutely respect our southern friends in Georgia, but there has not exactly been a merging of Tx and Ga rappers to the extent to cause a massive notice of unification between the two regions. That’s ok tho… Georgia has their rappers, We Texans have ours, and Gucci Mane of course. Gucci has seemingly crossed over to the Texas region and believe me we love Gucci Mane.

Another career defining moment for Gucci and Mike Will was the hit Black Beatles with Rae Sremmurd. The video has been seen over half a billion times on YouTube. Yes half a billion… Absolutely amazing milestone for Gucci Mane. That song needed Gucci and he fits to the song perfectly. You cannot miss the beat. Go ahead rock it while you are on your way home today from work!



The Black Beatles song propelled Gucci Mane to a whole nother stratosphere. We are talking International SUPER-STAR status which is hard for a lot of rappers to attain. Gucci Mane has managed to do it. This song was a great choice for Gucci to perform. It is very obvious that Gucci is networking with the right people and as I said before keeps a tight house.

We cannot forget the very intelligent and smart decisions he made during the whole Nicki Minaj / RemyMa beef. Looks like that was a good decision because Gucci Mane and Nicki Minaj make the hit Make Love and a video to go with it:


Nicki was able to acknowledge the beef in a manner as to not call out Remy Ma by name, yet dissed her and everyone knew exactly who she was talking to… Great business decision on both their parts honestly.

I say we definitely keep our eyes on Gucci Mane. We may be looking at a Media Mogul in the making…



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