Graphic Video – Houston Police Baton Beating of Homeless man by Police Officer Jairus Warren

Houston Police beat Homeless man with Police Baton

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Houston Police Officer Jairus Warren savagely beat a homeless man last week at a Houston transit station. This police baton beating is another example of police violence against minority individuals. Warning: This police baton beating is graphic and violent in nature.

The incident occurred on September 14th at the train station was released by Houston Police after social justice groups such as Black Lives Matter pressed the department into full disclosure.

Darrell Giles is the homeless man being beaten by Officer Warren. in the video. Warren is clearly the aggressor in the clip while Officer Daniel Reynoso participated in the attack but did not viciously beat Mr. Giles as Officer Warren did.

Houston Police Chief Vera Bumpers not only suspended both officers without pay on September 15, 2016, she also publicly apologized to Mr. Giles for the excessive force administered to him.

Officer Warren later resigned before he could be relieved of his duties.

An internal review board found the complaint of excessive force by Officer Warren justified.

Officer Reynoso was found to not have done enough to stop the beating of Mr. Giles sooner.

The victim of the beating, Mr. Giles, described his experience as this, “He hit me so hard he knocked me to the ground. So the first couple of licks he knocked me to the ground,and he’s just standing over me going (demonstrates hitting motion) um, um, um, making some noise.”

The Victim was Struck more than 15 Times
In watching the video, Officer Warren strikes Mr. Giles with his police baton 13 times with what can be described as “all of his might.” Mr. Giles writhes on the ground in pain for a few second, then Officer Warren strikes him 2 more times with the baton. Mr. Giles lies on the cement as he is beaten.

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