GRAPHIC VIDEO Cop drags woman by hair and Punches Her 3 time

Cop Drags Woman  By Her Hair & Punches Her 3 Times In The Face.


Shocking cell phone footage has been released that shows a Rhode Island police officer punching a woman three times in the face and dragging her by her hair as she resisted arrest.

Providence Officer Michael Place was captured on video calling Carolinmar Torres, 26, a ‘f*****g b***h’ and dragging her down porch stairs before repeatedly punching her in the face.

He was called to the scene by a woman who said she got into an argument with strangers at Club Flow. When the woman returned home, two woman she didn’t know banged on the door.

Torres and Kassandra Mercedes, 19, were identified as the two woman. They allegedly broke a window next to the woman’s door. When she opened the door to confront the, they entered her home.

The pair then allegedly began to break items in the woman’s living room, according to the police report.

When Place arrived at the home around 1.33am he found Torres breaking glass items on the porch and gave her verbal commands to stop as he approached her, the report states.

He claims Torres punched him in the face with an open hand and became ‘more combative’ as he attempted to gain control. That’s when Mercedes allegedly jumped on his back.

Place then pushed Mercedes off of him and began ‘pulling Torres down the stairs of the porch’, the report states.

Torres can be seen in the video wrapping her arms around Place’s legs as he pulls her down, and Place then yells that she bit him and begins to punch her.

The police report only states that Place used ‘multiple strikes, wrestling and pressure points in an attempt to gain control of Torres’.

Place is seen in the video then dragging Torres to the police cruiser and screaming at her to ‘get up, get the f**k up’. Mercedes was also taken to the ground after she tried to flee arrest.

Torres was charged with felony assault of an officer.

She and Mercedes were also charged with simple assault, malicious damage and obstruction, according to The Providence Journal.

Mayor Jorge Elorza said he believed the matter ‘warrants immediate review’ after watching the video and instructed his public safety commissioner and chief of police to conduct a full investigation.

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