Gavin Long video warns that if something happens to him he is NOT affiliated with anyone

Gavin Long aka Cosmo who murdered 3 cops states just 1 week prior that if anything happens to him, he wants us to know he is NOT affiliated with anyone or any group. Was Gavin planning this?? It appears from his videos that he planned this in advance. http://leakyou.com has already broken the news that Gavin traveled to many countries even recently.


The man who shot three police officers dead and injured three more in Baton Rouge has been named as Gavin Eugene Long, a black man from Kansas City who was ‘celebrating’ his 29th birthday today, according to reports.

Long is a former Marine who was honorably discharged after achieving the rank of sergeant, before becoming a life coach and self-styled ‘Alpha-preneur’ under the name of Cosmo Setepenra, CBS News reports.

Long appears to have been in Dallas a short time after the police shootings there, where he uploaded a podcast advocating violent protests by African Americans, before traveling back to Baton Rouge. Claiming to be speaking from Dallas, Long said: ‘One hundred per cent of revolutions, victims fighting their oppressors, victims fighting their bullies, 100 per cent have been successful through fighting back, through bloodshed.

‘Zero have been successful by simply protesting. It has never worked and it never will. You’ve gotta fight back, that’s the only way a bully knows to quit. He doesn’t understand words.

‘If y’all wanna keep protesting but for the real ones, the serious ones, the alpha ones – we know what it’s going to take. It’s only fighting back or money. That’s all they care about. Revenue and blood. Nothing else.

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