Donald Trump Racist Speech during Press Conference

Donald Trump Racist Press Conference supporting White Supremacists


The Donald Trump Racist Press conference today was absolutely disgusting and I am offended as an American as the world is literally laughing at us right now. The press conference showed Donald Trumps racist true colors today. He has ideals of the alt right and it is so obvious David Duke from the KKK is a very good friend of his… just watch the conference above and see what I mean.

Trump berates the media, defends confederate statues, defends Neo-Nazis and White Supremacists and says that the Press has treated them unfair. However what is most disturbing is that we discovered today that the White House has lied to hide something Trump did during the press conference. We are working on a video now and will leak this video proof later today.

Is Donald Trump Racist?

We wrote an article a few days ago on this very topic – Now after reading this, read my prediction about Donald Trump.

Is Donald Trump Racist

My Prediction about Donald Trump

I predict that President Donald J. Trump will resign from the office of the United States Presidency… I truly believe that President 45 will not even survive his first term in office.

I feel confident enough to say this because I honestly believe it. Donald Trump has lost all credibility and moral authority Internationally with our allies and our enemies, with the Washington establishment, the Washington elite, and powerful Republican senators and Congressman.

Ever since Donald Trump was elected there has been a cloud of suspicion regarding Russia. However I believe that what Donald Trump has done while in office will be his downfall.

Trump is Protecting and defending white Supremacy, blaming the counter protesters for the incident that happened in Charlottesville, His twitter issue, and his obvious Nixon like cover up of Russiagate is just enough. America has now had enough. No reasonable and rational person can continue to deal with a president this erratic.

It feels like Donald J. Trump has given up on his job… I honestly believe that Donald Trump has grown tired of the job of being president and all of the Drama that has come with-it. Even though all the drama is of his own making…

Donald Trump has a reputation of quitting In the middle of project’s and other important business deals. His reputation is that he doesn’t pay the people that hes done work with so it’s not like he has good business ethics and moral acumen.

Donald Trump did not realize what he was getting himself into when he ran for president. Trump has all the money he could ever want in this world, but it isn’t money that Trump wanted. Trump wanted Power. Donald Trumps decision to run and actually take the job as President of the US WAS and IS about Power.

That’s what scares me…

-Nic | LeakYou.com

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