Dear World – I am sorry America elected Donald Trump – I’m so sorry…

Dear Germany, France, Britain, Australia, Brazil, Argentina, China, South Korea, The Whole World and all people including Antarctica,

As an American, I am so very sorry about these past few years with this whole Donald Trump “thing”. I honestly do not know how a psychotic, arrogant, and accused rapist who is super rich which many Americans detest; was actually voted in to the most prestigious and by far most important job in the Free World… The President of the United States… I never hesitated saying President Obama or President Bush or even President Clinton when they were elected. It felt so natural now that I think about it… but boy did I have to get use to saying President Trump… I still struggle with it honestly.

I don’t quite know how to say I’m sorry in a way in which you would ever possibly believe, so just know that this is really hard for me. I actually didn’t even vote for Trump. I just feel so horrible about the fact that he is now President and it is and has been an absolute total disaster. NATO Leaders just laughed at him during his speech recently and it was so obvious that you all do not take Donald Trump seriously and you think that he is the arrogant joke that he portrays. You know… Donald Trump loves those stupid, loud, off hand remarks and all… I am quite sure Ms. Merkel you are horrified in his presence and just know that I know about you because I have seen you with him so you are more famous… I guess something comes from knowing The Donald. However, he was so rude to Ms. Merkel on camera, purposely did NOT shake her hand… Just disgustingly embarrassing that the President of these United States would act in a manner so unbecoming of the proper decency a man in his position absolutely requires.


Honestly World… I do not see how Donald Trump really got even half the vote he supposedly did. Wait… Maybe illegals voted for him and not Hillary Clinton… Oh what a state our world is in right now. A reality star actually got elected to be the President of the United States. You guys probably think we Americans are all just blinded by characters we see on T.V. screens and reality stars like Donald Trump and Kim Kardashian. Just know that I and many others are not like Donald Trump or his supporters. Please do not think all Americans are happy about what has happened or even voted for Trump. Many are disgusted by it.

Then there is Russia… Seriously? Where would I even begin. Telling 2 high ranking Russian Operatives top secret information. As benign as Trump felt the information was, he obviously has refused to do things the established way in Washington and is bulldozing himself thru the very Washington establishment. Back communication pathways directly to the Kremlin using RUSSIAN equipment – WTF!, Rape accusations and lawsuits, World Leaders literally laughing at him… Umm… Republicans, you all need to come to your senses and quit supporting this nonsense. Stop falling in line like a bunch of dominos, it is a very sad thing. These so called Christian Republicans aka Conservative Republicans don’t even stand up on moral principal but Ted Cruz does and he got booed for it at the RNC convention. Honestly Ted Cruz became my hero that day and I am not even a Republican. Just G.P. General Damn Principal… Thanks Ted…

Anyways… I just wanted to take the time to say I am very sorry World for this horrible mistake. I am so sorry that Twitter has not removed President Trump’s social media account for our own National Security but I am pretty sure they love the publicity they get. The publicity is so much more important than our National Security I guess. I mean honestly can we really blame Twitter? Its not Twitter’s fault that this un-hinged man is unable to control himself on social media… The first president with a direct line to the people. You know there was already a White House Twitter account. I am pretty sure President Obama gave the Trump team the password… Its Donald Trump… Why would he dare use the official account of the White House and President… Nah..

See… what I figured out is that this is not about money. It is about Power. Trump has all the money he could ever want. I mean c’mon… yall have seen his house in New York. Gold toilets, gold sinks, gold walls, gold everything… Even Donald Trump’s plane has gold laid everywhere including gold seatbelts. A man this vain is after the power… The immense power being the President gives him. So are there any good sides?

The only good side I can see right now from everything that has happened and Donald Trumps election and now presidency is that the crazy ideas Trump touted during the election. You guys know! The Wall… The Big Wall that is going to be FANTASTIC! Slandering Mexican people whom I love immensely, Slandering blacks like we were all in for him.. believe me we were not I promise, That insane Travel Ban… Everything is now just gridlocked. So in essence the very things that Donald Trump promised during his campaign may not even happen because people do not trust him and you cannot depend on anything he says because he blatantly lies… Even to us Americans… Right in our damn faces! Honestly I have been quite afraid of Donald Trump accomplishing what he promised in his presidential campaign. Banning Muslims.. absolutely insulting… To me this is the only upside to a Donald Trump Presidency is that he won’t actually put in place or motion the crazy, deranged, and irresponsible things he has promised for the past few years.

Lets Hope… Please pray for us. Pray for our country. What has happened is something that I pray will not destroy us. If any high ranking military official reads this… PLEASE don’t listen to Trump if he asks you to push the push the nuclear option. You can’t even trust “his people”. Remember the Loyalty dinner with FBI Directory James Comey? Yeah I know… pretty weird to ask the FBI Director to pledge his allegiance to you, but you do remember so also remember everything else and know that you cannot trust this President. Someone must think clearly in those type of situations and it is honestly difficult to imagine that Trump has the power to fire any weapon or start any way. Trump is the hostile and dangerous one.

I wish I could go back in time and change the outcome but I cannot. All I can do is ask the World for their forgiveness for this tragedy that America has inflicted upon our Allies and friends… I Am Sorry…

An American

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