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Video – ISIS burning Jordanian Pilot to death – Discretion advised 55

Video of ISIS burning Jordanian Pilot Moaz al-Kasasbeh alive as he is locked in a cage. This video is brutal and heartbreaking so Extreme Discretion is advised. May all of ISIS suffer a horrible death and go to Hell and burn for eternity.

To view entire video of this barbaric act click here.


152 thoughts on “Video – ISIS burning Jordanian Pilot to death – Discretion advised

      • Just because someone might think this is fake doesn’t make them a sick fuck. You should always be ready for an opposing side in an argument you illiterate asshole.

        • look i have dealt with 911 truthers, kennedy assassination conspiracy nuts, ibiru believers…….on and on. i watched the damn thing. i have a good idea of what isis is up to. this is not a fake. it is a human being burning to death in a steel cage. care to debate with me whether or not the holocaust really happened. it serves no useful purpose to engage in fantasies about the truth. we need to recognize this for what it is. the burden of proof is on you. prove it.

          • Your gullible bro….. yes the video is real theres no question… but dont start talking about kennedy assasination and other events that have more than enough evidence of a conspiracy. If you dont question things once Iin a while we all would be basically slaves that dont strike any fear into a goverment that might be corrupt .. you should welcome people that ask questions and help them to resolve those questions. You cant be as closed minded as you sound but its good that you are sympathetic towards a man burning to death but for the most part we all are.. the video is real but you dont have to act like everyone is dumb and not you..

          • yes, ask questions. i did. i bought the kennedy conspiracy stuff. i go back repeatedly to re-examine what it think. i was a kid when that happened. 2nd grade i think. this is now 2015 we have abilities that did not exist back when the warren commission did their investigation. now you can take the zapruder film and do a computer simulation of what happened in houston that day. guess what? the single bullet theory is right. look them up. they are on you tube. oswald shot him from 6th floor of the school depository building. sorry, that alleged conspiracy has ruined the minds of two generations and now everything is a conspiracy. look into it. there is nothing there. i will not let denial of the obvious go without comment.

          • ah this guy, ”believe everything you see and hear or go to hell folks”. you can tell thats a doll at the end that falls backwards, only a frozen body would fall so stiff. have you seen people burn? there are plenty around they never act like that. look man you cant take every thing you see as truth just like you cant deny every bit you see too. keep an open mind and understand life is not a dream.

          • I’ve seen it all, what the fuck is everyone deprived of intertainment that you have to watch something so messed up. Using family guy as a reference to seem funny. Using Obama for crap he can’t control because he is trying to save your asses. I save an average of 300 people a year as a practitioner. I would die for what I believe in. I love America, was born here in Maryland. But if Obama asked me to help him fight, I would without any question, for my son my wife. Hoping they would never see a video this disgusting and fuck you people wanting to see it and the people who put it on.

    • It didn’t magically. The body was curling up, like most things do when burnt. Set a piece of plastic on fire, similar

    • And he wasn’t bound. It all looks strange. All these videos are made to get us to cheer for war. Now John McCain can get on FOXNEWS and explain why we need boots on the ground and air strikes and billions and trillions and who knows what else. A perpetual war. The stock market is wonderful when the wars are all about.

      • Why would he be bound? He’s surrounded with a military force armed to the teeth. He was going nowhere except in the locked cage. I saw the full video, took him about 3 minutes to stop moving. Even on the ground, with his head against the rails, he was still moving.

    • What about the kids who are burnt to death by Jordanian bombs supplied by the USA? Go kill yourself bitch, you’re not built for this world. Fucking hypocrites. FUCK ISIS and FUCK THE USA

        • Fuck you saying that to me for? I ain’t no fucking Muslim neither am I a hypocrite. Fuck you and fuck your God. Bitch Boy looking like a fag IN THAT PROFILE PIC.

          • Lalalalalallalalala Allah allah allah. Sounds like YOU’R the one ” not built for this world.

          • burn baby burn….stop yapping i’m watching this video with a laugh track and a rum…way built for this bitch.

          • Muslim, no… Fuck-wad, useless, coward, asshole licking, fucking LIBTARD, most certainly YES!

          • Really??? A young man just lost his life in a way that Satan himself might question and were going to attack one another??? Evil is winning my fellow human’s…. eye’s wide open, join together, don’t tear each apart… God bless this young man and his family and God bless all of us..

      • Im not hypocrit. How many women and children and other innocent people have ISIS raped and killed? And will continue to do so if they are not stopped. Would like for the US and our allies to do NOTHING but watch as ISIS goes from town to town and slaughter? May I remind you of the Pakistan school massacre that killed over 130+ children.. And why are they doing that? For what reason? Answer that

        • Who created ISIS? U.S,Saudi arabia and Qatar. Who supply’s Saudi Arabia with weapons the USA. same with Pakistan. Etc Etc. Just last year ISIS were Obama’s allies in their fight against Assad. They created a monster and now they can’t control it. LOL

          • That is not true. It seems like you’re picking propaganda out of your head, not on real info. ISIS was never a US ally, nor did we create them. They grew out of their own radical will. Assad and ISIS were trying to slaughter their own people. Believe what you want. I agree with your point of innocents being killed in this fight, and I don’t know the answer on how to solve that. Maybe there needs to be different tactics when we go in. But it’s going to be far worse deaths and torture in the Mid East, similar to the Nazi Regime, if we do nothing

          • I think when it comes to the crunch, they are going to be able to control it.After all,they make the ammunition ISIS use which is gonna run out.They put the worldwide web into place enabling this kind of ISIS propaganda bullshit to go on,and they can take the internet offline quick smart once they get fed up enough to sacrifice this luxury.How will ISIS recruit with no communications which are essentially all provided by western interests? It is only the goodwill of the west towards “civilians”( if there were such a thing) in that region which allows any possibility whatsoever of ISIS remaining intact.This type of enemy can only survive by using civilians as human shields, and by pretending to be civilians when it suits them, then stabbing in the back once the enemy turns away from the civilian they thought they had spared.
            Why do those faggots in the video not show their faces? Could it be so they can go home to their families in a nice little civilian home and pretend to their family and friends that they are normal people who are not associated with ISIS?Like I said, masked faggots like ISIS build their war on pretenses.Tell that faggot who lit the trail of petrol to show their face so that their mother and father can see their good work.They wear those masks out of shame.They know their identity must be hidden so that they can slip quietly back into the civilian world and continue with their two faced existence.

          • You talking about the Syrian Rebels still fighting? Get your facts straight .

          • Who did Isis break off from? Why do ISIS members wield american made M4 Colts? Where did they get them?

          • Syrian rebels defected to ISIS. In one day alone, an entire division of 750 joined ISIS. Of course, they brought with them the weapons Obama and twit McCain had supplied them with.

          • They can get them from any number of sources.Many military forces in the middle east use U.S manufactured weapons.ISIS and their creed will use whatever they can lay their mitts on for the simple reason that they cannot design or manufacture weapons of there own.Most of what they have was donated to the iraqi government and has now been commandeered by ISIS forces.

      • Hey WLC, suck a fat cock. Attacking a chick who you know ZERO about. How bout writing the following to your whore of a mother, “Go kill yourself bitch, your not built for this world.” Perhaps on a Christmas card.

  1. ISIS members…you will die an even greater death. The world is coming for you. May your Satanic god wrap its demonic burning arms around your souls. Die – you pieces of Islamic shit!!

      • That’d be the anti war pussy liberals…pretty sure something wouldve been done about it by now but Obama has to protect his “brothers” in ISIS

        • I would assume you are American and Republican. Probably the best thing at this moment is to have as many countries involved in this issue. Not to forget that all this shit started when the US invaded Irak to get rid of the bloody bad Dictator that had chemical weapons!!!

          The bad Dictator was in power since 79 meaning Carter, Reagan, Bush Sr and Clinton were presidents while he was in power…. And one day Bush Jr (friends of the Hussein family) woke up and said “hmmmm what a bad dictator, last night when i went to sleep he was not there”
          Also at the end… never found the chemical weapons… although we are sure he had them and was going to use them.

          So in front of a real terrorism threat, barbaric mother fuckers…. lets not forget that all this shit started by the non liberal Americans in power at that time… since the Iraki war… that whole region has been mad house.

          • No. All of this shit started when king Richard tried to reclaim Jerusalem. And has been going on ever since.. Problem is. While the rest of the world moved on and decided to grow up they just hung back and continued to be a third world shit hole and have the idea stuck in their heads that so should everyone else.

      • By the way… is not the US duty to save the world.. In this issue everybody is involved. Europe, USA, Rusia (the 2 guys killed by the kid), Japan, Syria, Jordan, and so on….

    • People are capable of much worse than this.You might have led a more sheltered life so be careful what you look at on the internet.Humanity can be awesome, but equally horrible.I guess thats why people love animals so much.

      • U ar right the worst experience I had was visiting another country and a little boy about 4 years old came to clean my shoes but it was clean and I moved away giving him nothing. That bothered me for several weeks after I returned home…..

        • How are you able to walk away giving nothing to a 4 year old who cleaned your shoes? You even told us that the lad did a good job, so am just wondering why you didn’t give a little money? Please don’t tell me that you only hard credit cards with you and no change. He was just a 4yr old tying to elk out a living. Am just dying to hear your reason for not giving this little lad a break. hmmmm!

    • I guess you have no idea of what African Americans went through during slavery and all the lynchings since it was abolished. From the early 1900’s all the way up to 1981 African Americans have been targeted and killed by white supremacists, many of whom work for local police department and law agencies.

      • Nevermind the thousands of years native Africans enslaved, tortured, raped, pillaged, and murdered their own. We won’t talk about THAT though…

  2. Why the fuck aren’t we over there now when there’s actually a reason to be? ISIS has killed thousands of innocent people and the FSA thousands before them. These savages are growing too strong, they have to be convened on heavily and soon before shit like this starts making its way stateside.

  3. haha they will get theirs. and i cant wait until we can reign down upon these savages. I was there first hand to see what we did to the taliban, and i cant wait until we get the go ahead to destroy these savage fucks

  4. All these terrorist fuck should die in the most horrible, unclean deaths. I don’t know why they gave Osama a proper muslim burial. Should’ve fed his body to the dogs. Then feed their shit to pigs.

  5. Hey stupid liberals; this is what ‘torture’ looks like. Lock the terrorist up in Gitmo and waterboard the hell out of them. Liberals need to stop shedding tears for these animals.

    • Hey stupid liberals; this is what ‘A WITCH BURNING’ looks like. Lock the
      terrorist up in Gitmo give them a trial then execute them. Liberals
      need to stop shedding tears for these animals.——–

        • Hey now I actually like classical liberals! I was just correcting the guy on torture and wanting men to sit in a cell being tortured instead of answering for alleged crimes by being tried with evidence presented and the like. We should all work together to understand where each other is coming from. both liberals and conservatives have interesting ideas and I believe if we listened a little more and truly strove to make the world a better place it could happen. Your a above response is spot on you made an argument and he shouldn’t assume you are a troll for having a differing opinion.

    • Yeah, moron. It’s all about “liberals.” By the way, you do realize that the views of fundamentalist Islamists are much closer to the views of ultra-conservatives here at home than they are to any “liberal” point of view, don’t you? Now go watch FOX News and leave it to us adults to discuss reality …

        • Um … Is there a point in there somewhere? In my humble opinion, the definition of a “troll” is someone posting insults unaccompanied by any argument. Or any point. Seems to me the only crying going on is someone crying out with nothing to say. You.

  6. That’s a bad way to die. I don’t understand how the soldier got into the cage without being tied up. It seems to me that he would have opportunities to attack and kill one or two of them before getting shot. No way in hell would those idiots put me in a cage to burn alive.

      • I know. Why not try to grab one of those guns and take down as many as you can. You know you are going to die anyways. Should die fighting instead of burnt in a cage. If everyone did that, there would be no dramatic videos.

        • Many probably do. It’s just the ones they “get the drop on” or overpower that we see in these sick videos. You weren’t there, so don’t judge.

  7. This is Real in my opinion. More disgusting is how the camera angles where set up, the scene, the editing and some sick people to think of doing something like that. I am in shock.
    Even if it is fake, it is still evil. ISIS or ISIL have shown enough brutality to start a world war. Lord Jesus !

      • The left is but one head of the hydra and you know this. THe current left get there ideas from certain schools of thought mostly populated by one group, they also spread their ideas through all forms of media, through Hollywood and news organizations. Americas greatest enemy is one it calls its greatest ally. Search this in your heart you know it to be true.

  8. Was this shot by the Muslim equivalent of Scorcese? The cinematography and editing rival anything you’d see out of Hollywood…not bad for a rogue band of terrorists :/

  9. ISIS you’re a bunch of barbaric idiots. You aren’t proving shit by burning that man to death. You’re a bunch of confused retards. You claimed you want to make a deal and exchange the pilot for your female prisoner in Jordan when all along you knew the soldier was dead. Stupid idiots!!

  10. I think its real Adult how Americans all Argue and bicker over this kind if Stuff,instead of coming together Who’s the Enemy here?Oh no we’re all the Fucktards!!Well,some of us actually are.Get composure People!!ISIS are the Real Assholes that are doing a good job at screwing everything up.We need to work together,Instead of Insulting each other!

  11. Multiply this by 10, and this is what you, Americans, are doing every day in Ukraine, by supporting the genocide of Donbass people.

    • No,Russia is doing that.Russia is responsible for all deaths in Ukraine region.Sorry.All people in Donbass were killed by vladimir Putin.

  12. The executions are real, but I don’t know how real this “organization” is. We don’t know ANYTHING about them except that they do this brutal executions to draw the anger of western public against muslims. What is ISIS anyway? If you want to stop them, who will you kill, judge, and imprison? some muslim hooligans who were there participating in these videos? They are not in charge. They have no idea who they are working for in the first place. It seems to me that fighting ISIS is like fighting ghosts, when the real culprit pulling the strings is someone who has some gain by drawing public anger against so called “terrorists”. All these videos are very well made and the only purpose of these is NOT to gain support of the public, but to achieve outrage. These videos send only one message: “WE ARE ANIMALS! WE ARE EVIL! COME, BOMB US! MURDER US! KILL EVERY LAST ONE OF US!” Just seems to me that once we actually start killing them the ISIS will just vanish leaving behind some damn fools and murderers, who have no idea they were manipulated, and they don’t even know by who. Later we will go against IRAN saying that THEY are the ones to blame, thus achieving our ultimate goal… drawing public opinion on our side to go and grab that huge amount of oil IRAN has…

      • Revelation? Come on we’re discussing about serious things here. Let’s not mix religious crap in it. Books are just books no matter how you would like to interpret them as profecies. When there are serious issues in the world which has to be confronted, religious people always run around waving some books… pathetic

  13. “I spent 33 years and four months in active military service and during that period I spent most of my time as a high class muscle man for Big Business, for Wall Street and the bankers. In short, I was a racketeer, a gangster for capitalism. I helped make Mexico and especially Tampico safe for American oil interests in 1914. I helped make Haiti and Cuba a decent place for the National City Bank boys to collect revenues in. I helped in the raping of half a dozen Central American republics for the benefit of Wall Street. I helped purify Nicaragua for the International Banking House of Brown Brothers in 1902-1912. I brought light to the Dominican Republic for the American sugar interests in 1916. I helped make Honduras right for the American fruit companies in 1903. In China in 1927 I helped see to it that Standard Oil went on its way unmolested. Looking back on it, I might have given Al Capone a few hints. The best he could do was to operate his racket in three districts. I operated on three continents.” Smedley Darlington Butler, Major General United States Marine Corps, two time medal of honor recipient, Marine Corps Brevet Medal recipient.

    • “We will continue to commit resources, we reassure our partners all over the world, including NATO, that we aren’t going anywhere, we’re not retreating from any part of the world. We have responsibilities in every part of the world. We have interest in every part of the world. We are the world’s leader. Now we do that because it’s clearly in our interest. No other nation on the face of the earth has the capability to do that.” Secretary of Defense Hagel, 1 June 2014, Bagram Airfield, Afghanistan

  14. There are no one called as GODs, If gods are real, why this kind of things happening in the world???? Are gods blind or deaf?????

  15. Guys please pary for Isis one day they will realize in hell what they did to these people especially Cristans was wrong, God said love your enemies. Isis doesn’t know what there doing because in there religion they think this is ok know their is no reason to cuss theme out or anything because people they killed are in heaven in a better place know, but one day this will stop because were in Jesus’s hands and we will go though anything as long as we know God.

  16. Who knows how long are internet service will be free, with Cybersecurity bills on the way http://gizmodo.com/cispa-the-awful-anti-privacy-law-that-wont-prevent-ano-1678561060 at any rate. Americans the longer we wait, the sooner these bastards will be here. The FBI and James Comey are useless. The only way to beat a BARBARIAN is to FIGHT LIKE A BARBARIAN. I always remember my Bible were Moses a Great GENERAL with the Midianites in NUMBERS http://skepticsannotatedbible.com/num/31.html Moses had to do what HAD TO BE DONE. It would not be politically correct at all today, BUT to tame the Savage Beast IT HAD TO BE DONE as it must be done to ISIS Syria or ISIL Lybia or IS. Today it would not be politically correct. However, this ISIS is just another word for ANIMAL and Christians and Jews must read there numbers and know if ISIS wants Barbarians then America and Israel if it has the WILL has to be a Barbarian in order to strike down this Savage Organization. I stand by those words.

  17. Time to stop pussey-footing around here, its time all religion
    was crushed in favour of the rule of equitable law.

    There seems to me to be just the one answer to all this
    turmoil, and that is to turn all of the supposed isis caliphate into one sheet
    of glass, by bombing it with nuclear grade weaponry, its will be quick, clean
    and effective, end of problem!

  18. ISIS is not moslem, they just some cowards who is hiding behind moslem and gun.. moslem is peace like the other religion.

  19. Hats off to Jordan for IMMEDIATELY hanging jailed members of the same movement in response. Mr. President … are you paying attention?

  20. This is unbelievable. I would not believe can somebody or something be soooo barbaric in the 21st century. It is extremely sad, a young guy dying in the most barbaric way.
    On the hands of some idiots…. that have nothing to do with any religion… they are barbaric terrorist that believe they are not. The video is most likely real i know for a fact that bodies when cremated because of the muscle contraction raise when laying on their backs… And something similar happens here.

    Rest in peace for this poor guy and hope the Islamic State will be wiped from the face of the earth by all the countries…. nobody is with them, not the western countries, not the Islamic countries, not Asia,… nobody.
    Everybody will step up their military and resources and wipe this mother fuckers.

  21. Result is same when American drop Bombs on Civilian homes and killing dozens of people or IS burn people alive and cut the head off. Killing is killing. different is the Method American and IS using to kill people and IS do what ever they do in front of Camera but American keep the media out of the range. Shame on Humanity.

  22. Luke 12:4 And I say unto you my friends, Be not afraid of them that kill the body, and after that have no more that they can do.

  23. The important thing is that the governments of Japan and Jordan have made a decision to force ISIS to carry out executions on their nationals as ones of U.S. and U.K. have done.

  24. wherever you believe this is real or not, whatever way ISIS came to be, recruit, whoever is responsible for its spread, you keep fighting among each other, trying to use this tragedy as political means to gain advantage to promote your conservative or liberal cause. Nobody like this, liberal or conservative, but all you do is keep arguing instead of uniting against these monsters. Probably the American government, all of it, is mouth watering to the chance of yet another war and billion to be made plus the golden chance of be a “hero” and conquer the electorate. But it’s just you, the people, that can keep things in check by putting aside differences over social policies and terminate once and fro all this menace that you created. Europe has been overrun by poor desperate Muslim immigrants because of the never ending wars in Iran, Iraq, Syria, Lybia and now some of these people are there, waiting for their chance turn around secular governments. So, please, stop all the nonsense and unite before is too late.

  25. To the Bitches posing ,masked and armed I say “you,him, your dead already.Everything you see is gone! Any one not wearing 2 million sunblock is gonna have a real bad day,GET IT!

  26. Its sad how long he actually stood up while on fire. I would have been in the fetal position long before. Or, maybe the brain associates the ground with the flame….hard to say I guess. Either way, its really unfortunate how much hate are in these comments below (above?). I love you all and I forgive ISIS


  27. Go get em Jordan! That’s how you retaliate, kill ours we kill yours. Don’t let these Islamic extremist demons bully you.

  28. The man that had the torch may he one day understand the value of life and what a beautiful thing it is. I hope the poor man died fast and may he RIP to whatever God be believes in. So sad what a world we’re in at times.

  29. Very good editing for a terrorist group not saying it’s fake but they sure as hell had diff angles ready and the camera quality is good af hopefully our government isn’t training these guys behind the scenes 😉

  30. Your prophet Muhammad would be so proud of you ISIS. The problem is that he was no prophet. Every muslim watching this: I feel sorry for you.

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  32. If they are so f’ing brave why don’t the show their face. Obama has really screwed the pooch on this one. His lack balls has allowed these people to become stronger and stronger.

  33. What an awful horrible person would do that? What kind of coward with his face covered- he knows he is a sinner, a murderer. The victim suffered for a few minutes, but the murderer will burn in hell for eternity. God, where is your mercy?

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  35. Everyone is saying “if we do nothing” “why aren’t we over there” I do believe Isis is product of usa, but anyway why does usa need to stop them, usa is not a world police, it is their conflict they need to resolve on their own, help them yea, but NO boots on the ground, and for ppl saying “y aren’t we over there” how about u go and sign up, n then I wanna see u saying it! Sitting in ur mama’s house under her protection, saying careless stuff, y would u want any American die for something that is happening in completely different country, n trust me any American soldier they capture, will be the same vid if not worse, but I don’t even know if it can get any worse than that

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