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Video – Eric Garner killed by police officer in chokehold 55

This story is truely unbelievable. Have you seen the video in which a police officer named Daniel Pantaleo is shown to place a aggressive chokehold on Eric Garner and it killed him? Eric Garner was accused of selling loose cigarettes and was known to police. The officers move in and Daniel Pantaleo helps subdue him to the ground as the police put their knees into Eric’s back; even their entire weight on his back as Eric repeatedly tells them he can not breathe. Eric then passes away.

Even the medical examiner states that the cause of death was HOMICIDE due to chest and neck compressions. Effectively saying that the police killed him. The Justice Department is now investigating this incident. Honestly though… who thinks there will be any more punishment with the Federal Govt stepping in? Why is it that Police Officers seem to get this benefit of doubt. The killer thing of all this is that there is clear – cut VIDEO of this entire assault.

People are getting tired of the Police killing people whether by shooting them or choking them to death. Police brutality is completely out of hand and something has to be done.


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