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Video – Entire video of ISIS burning Jordanian pilot (22min) – Discretion advised 95

**Discretion Advised**

Leakyou.com has now received the full video of the ISIS murder of the Jordanian Pilot. Earlier today leakyou.com released an edited version of the murder of Jordanian Pilot Muath al-Kaseasbeh by ISIS who literally burned him to death as he was locked in a cage.

The horrific death of Lt. Muath al-Kaseasbeh at the hands of brutal Islamic State militant was confirmed Tuesday by the Jordanian military, which vowed revenge.“While the military forces mourn the martyr, they emphasize his blood will not be shed in vain,” military spokesman Mamdouh al-Ameri said in a statement read on television. “Our punishment and revenge will be as huge as the loss of the Jordanians.”

That response will be swift. A Jordanian security official said Jordan will execute female Al Qaeda terrorist Sajida al-Rishawi, the subject of a failed prisoner swap, at dawn Wednesday. He spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to discuss the issue with the media.

Here is the Entire Video of this vicious crime in its entirety. It is 22 mins long. Again Extreme discretion advised.



38 thoughts on “Video – Entire video of ISIS burning Jordanian pilot (22min) – Discretion advised

  1. I find it ironic these beast use the “great Satan’s ” technologies to produce a very high quality video. What a bunch of hypocritical low lifes. They want to force their subordinates into sheria law but they dont have a problem using our technology. Weaponry, phones, Internet, etc…

          • Sorry that’s not true. The broadest definition of a drug is “any chemical substance that, when ingested, has biological effects on humans or other animals.” Porn most definitely does not fit that. Now can it be addicting? It can, as can almost anything. Anything that causes the brain to release neurotransmitters can be addicting (religious practices and singing come to mind). So do you want to elaborate on your point (I haven’t watch the video and don’t intend to) or just settle with your clearly ridiculous statement?

        • who would ever do this that has the slightest bit of humanity inside them. They act so self righteous and they seek for one GOD I don’t know what GOD they believe they are fighting for but it’s not the same as mine. They are sick, perverted, maniacs. Also, all of the rapes and pre marital sex they partake in? Sick, sick. Again I say my GOD does not teach such vulgarity.

          • The only God they worship is Satan. That is why they love Fucking goats cause Satan is also a goat with horns.

    • since when was it a sin to use technology? lol and you calling them low life’s they in their own country fighting because the current leaders are killing them selling the oil to america, its called a civil war. American, jews and co obviously dont want them to take over coz they will get zero oil… your stupidity is laughable this guy they burned went in their country and starts bombing them and they show you all the people he killed but no one opens their mouths about the people that got killed in the airstrikes because america is gods gift and what they do is always right… But when isis do the same shit to him your mouth is on full blast…

      • How do you know who got killed.You Don’t know shit about who got killed apart from propaganda bullshit fed to you by ISIS.A bunch of Fuckwits got killed,that’s who.What about The hundreds of thousands of Muslims killed by ISIS in Iraq, Syria and god knows where else.No Propaganda from ISIS about that? What about all the children executed in cold blood by ISIS?Shot with AK47’s for watching a sporting match on television? Are you wingeing about that.No.Your talking bullshit about unsubstantiated claims of civilian casualties supposedly caused by airstrikes from a variety of nations opposed to ISIS.
        I’ll tell you a little secret.There is no such thing as a civilian casualty when you are dealing with a Militia such as ISIS.ISIS do not fight in uniform.BY definition,ISIS are civilians.When a bomb blows the fucck out of their hideout, you simply take away the weapons from their burned and ruined corpses,then dribble a truck load of shit to the media about how western forces bombed “civilians”,but withhold the important details such as how said “civilians” were brandishing RPG’s at the time they were targeted.
        Virtually all peoples killed by munitions discharged by warplanes were in one way or another engaged in warfare at the time they were struck down.Don’t think these ISIS wankers can just clear the AK 47’s away from the bodies and then claim them as “civilian” casualties.The Fucks that got bombed were guilty as Satan himself,and don’t try to garner sympathy from me about how innocent Muslims got blown up by warplanes.The Fucks that got bombed were well and truly involved in warfare,be they men,women or children.Don’t pretend any of those Kunts were innocent civilians.

      • Civil war? Really? Are you for real you POS that has no knowledge! ISIS is a group of PUNKS that are pussies. It has nothing to do with selling oil to the USA you POS that has zero knowledge on the subject matter. The USA is energy independent and so much so that we are selling our oil to other countries. Your stupidity is so real, it is incredible. America is the greatest country in the free world and if you do not like it—-You LEAVE! You are a POS pussy like ISIS with your ignorant BS. We are always right.

        You are a POS that is uneducated!

  2. this is sick i ffeel so bad for this kid and the suffering he did, these people are beyond barbaric are beyond the word terrorist, there is no words to describe these pshycos, may Allah Bless the pilots soul and inshallah america wipes out isis

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  4. This is to be expected. Amazon.com has just published, “How Murder, Child Molestation & Terror Started Islam”. The radical Muslim hate this well written parody but more normal people get a good laugh laughing at those who detest being made fun of. 229 pages of insults and truth sold by Amazon. We are Charlie

  5. Is it just me, or has anyone wondered exactly how much video production software was used in this video (or should we call it short film?). 90% of Independend films don’t even carry this level of high-definition and crisp quality. Partially, I’m more concerned of ISIS’s film production ability, rather than their combatant skills. Ask yourself this: They had ONE chance, one opportunity, to get this cut right. And they used how many cameras? There must have been at least 8-12 angle shots, all perfectly timed, and not to mention… the very emotionally dramatic view of the pilot’s face slowly looking up and DIRECTLY into the camera. Typically, prisoners of war have more in their head at the time of death, other than to focus dead onto a camera.

    My point is, if this is a real video, documenting a real death – why was there such an extreme focus on video quality, and not to mention, multiple cuts (way too many, posing lack of event integrity). The video is dirty, but wayyyyy too clean. If this video was in fact real… then not only do we need to watch out for ISIS violence, but also…. the movie industry being revolutionized as well. So… watch out Hollywood, apparently there are better film crews out there … that can also shoot to kill!

  6. After analysing the video,some doubts about it’s authenticity emerge.Firstly I notice the cage has no floor and could have been upturned by a person trying to escape form being burned alive.Secondly,it is apparent that the cage is a lightweight fake,since at the end the dozer tips a bucket of debris over the cage and it completely collapses as a result.then the dozer flattens it with the bucket and you see that the bars of the cage literally have all come apart and separated from each other.This would not happen with a real cage because all cages are welded together and the bars would not separate like that.Also you can actually hear the sound of the bars as the bucket drags over them and they are clearly hollow like curtain rods.Solid metal bars make a completely different sound.Even if the bars were solid,the fact that the cage had no horizontal braces means that those bars would easily bend.A person could slip straight between the bars of a cage constructed like the one in the video.
    Further to that,if you look closely at the flames,you see where they pass through the top of the cage,the bars are literally darting about as though they are digitally animated.The resolution of the images of the burning man are vastly lower than the resolution of all other parts of the video.
    Finally,after the victim has fallen to his knees and died,he assumes a position with his hands close together and essentially grasping at the bars.Yet as the image shifts to show the charred corpse up close,we see the hands and arms in a starkly different pose to what they were just seconds ago.And as we know,a man who has been engulfed in flames for a minute and already died,does not undergo any further posture changes post mortem.
    I really do hope the video is fake and I can’t say for sure, but there are fishy elements about the video……..

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  8. This “Pilot” use to burn people from thousands of feet in the air just don’t forget he was killing aswell he isn’t innocent. Isis are obviously fake muslims who have an agenda just like every other terrorist group and a lot of them are funded by the same countries that are condemning them. Guys everything isn’t how it seems its a fake world bin laden was in the CIA and they trained him to fight the Russians and I am not a conspiracy theorist just a wise guy fuck media seek independent media

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