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Shamekka Dennis aka YES Girl arrested and in Lamar County Jail 95

31yr old Shamekka Quashun Dennis also known as one of the “Yes Girls” is in the Lamar County jail in Paris, Tx under booking #51005. Shamekka was arrested yesterday and charged with two felony crimes.

1. Aggravated Assault w/Weapon – 1st Degree Felony
2. Felon with a weapon – 3rd Degree Felony

Mekka is currently being held with no bond at this time. I guess it is probably safe to say that since Shamekka JUST got out of prison earlier this year in April, people will probably not see her for awhile…

Why do I care? The reason I care is Josh Powers. Is any of what people are saying true? Is it true that her family seen all of the information circulating yesterday  on social media and questioned Mekka? Did this make Mekka feel that the walls were closing in on her?

A source has confirmed to Leakyou.com that Mekka pulled a gun on her family in Blossom, Tx last night and threatened to kill them after stopping by to try and get money from her family. Differences then ensued. According to our unnamed sources, Shamekka fired the gun and even put the gun to a family members head while threatening to kill them. Also per our source, Shamekka’s family questioned her on her use of cocaine aka powder as well as prescription pills, and also questioned her on the gossip of what others were saying about any sort of involvement in the death of Josh Powers after information was posted on social media. See screenshots below:

At the time of this writing, we are still trying to confirm whether Shamekka and a man (currently staying unnamed) is persons of interest in the death of Josh Powers. Latest information from Clarksville Police Department is that this investigation is ongoing and the death is considered questionable at this time. We are also trying to confirm who’s gun Mekka pulled as being a convicted felon, she could not purchase one.

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