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Watch: Details Of Nick Gordon’s Arrest For Domestic Violence Against Laura Leals 110

The Details Of Abuse Nick Gordon Inflicted On New Girlfriend Laura Leals When He Was Arrested In Florida

2 years 1 month and 7 days… that’s how long it’s been since Bobbi Kristina Brown passed away. Bobbi Kristina Brown was found submerged in about top on January 31st, 2015 she was pulled out of the bath tub by Max Lomas and Nick Gordon. Her boyfriend after her mother passed away Almost 3 years earlier it’s unclear who performed CPR but where all under the impression that it was Max lomas who knocked the door down found Bobby Kristina Brown and proceeded life saving measures in an effort to save her life The striking thing about what Max lomas has said to reporters in to the police is that he pulled by be Kristina Brown out of very cold water and it is still unclear about whether Bobbi Kristina Brown had her clothes still on although many argue that she was found with her clothes on what they Dustpan underneath her in the bath Water

LeakYou.com has made many commentaries on this story since it happened. Leak You has followed this story since the beginning and we won’t stop following it until the story can come to an end.

The most important thing about this story is that Nick Gordon was there with Bobbi Kristina Brown drowned. the night that the incident happened Nick Gordon was also there when Whitney Houston was found dead in a bath tub of hot water which was still so hot 6 hours later when the detectives Took the temperature of the water and It was so important regarding evidence that the police officers notated it in their police Report. Looking back on the decision of whomever it is that notated that the temperature of Whitney Houston bath tub after her death thank God for that person’s attention to detail

Mother and daughter both women found in a bathtub strikingly difference in the temperature of the water and one Nick Gordon. So LeakYou has been keeping up with Nick Cordon All though criminal charges have not been brought against Nick Gordon yet civil charges were, and Nick Gordon lost his case in civil court by your Kristina Brown’s family was awarded 36 million dollars that’s what Nick Gordon owes them right now for the death of Bobbi Kristina brown he was found legally liable in her death

Nick Gordon ignored the court he ignored the lawsuit he didn’t show once but twice so he was found guilty since he defaulted and essence but it sure doesn’t help his image or his character to have defaulted on the lawsuit and not fought it if he was so innocent. So after the loss it Nick Gordon who had lives with his mother Michelle and Florida went back to what I guess to him as a normal life he started dating again and I met a woman named Laura Leal. Laura worked in a restaurant very beautiful woman and fell in love with Nick Gordon. Matter fact Laura fell in love with Nick Gordon so much That she believed that Nick Gordon and her would marry and have children and raise a family together Laura even moved in with Nick Gordon and his mother Michelle Gordon into an apartment and started the process of building their relationship.


Pictures of the bruises on victim Laura Leal’s shows a brutal attack.

Matter of fact in June she told the daily mail that she thought that she could have ended up like Bobbi Kristina who had been in a coma for 6 months before she died and July 2015 She’s “d as telling the daily mail that she had been reading the reports about Bobbi Kristina in that she was physically shaking from them she said I read about her being isolated her family not knowing where she was the manipulation the bowling it’s the exact same thing that could have been me only the grace of God saved me

She says the relationship became toxic that Nick Gordon started drinking heavily every day smoking marijuana falsely accusing her of trying to sleep with her male friends she said that they would physically fight where he would push or punch her and on one occasion choked her to the point that she threw up in another violent episode she says that Nick Gordon slammed her face into the passenger window of his BMW before attending a friend’s party as if nothing had even happened and just 2 weeks ago before the incident Laura says she locked herself in a bad terms as she could call for help only for Nick Gordon to pry the lock opened with a knife in which he grabbed and smashed her iPhone she says it started with the push and a slap and then it would happen once a week at least and she blamed herself

‘It started with a push and a slap, it would happen at least once a week,’ recalled Leal of Daytona Beach, Florida.

Laura who is about 5′ 2 and Nick Gordon who’s about 6′ one and a man she says he had begun slapping and pushing her about once a week in the beginning when the abuse started to where she would hide her bruises under make up and she would blame herself for what was happening she said that she thought he loved her

I thought he loved me but how can you love someone when you put them through this hell? It’s like a double personality in one person. He’s psychotic. ‘I didn’t ever see him take heroin or crack but now I’m wondering if he was doing that behind my back.’ 

Night Of The Incident

The latest clash began on Jun 9 – that Friday night when Leal and Gordon were drinking with friends and watching Game 4 of the NBA finals at Duffy’s Sports Bar in Lake Mary, Florida. Gordon headed to his car to fetch a phone charger but didn’t return for an hour, sparking yet another heated argument when they got home.

Things escalated she said and about an hour later she said it was like a switch had been flicked inside Nick Gordon. Laura said that it sparked an argument that became more heated once they got back to Nick gordon’s home where they live with Nick gordon’s mother Michelle and he began accusing her of sleeping with his friend as she denied the claims and then he threw her on to the bed and began beating her

‘But it was like a switch had been flicked. He wanted me to admit that I was involved with his friend but I wasn’t going to admit to something that wasn’t true.

Laura told the daily mail that he literally sat on top of her on the bed punching her head with his big ass body on top of me I was punched so hard that I was seeing colors and a bright flashing light I thought I was gonna go blind and wondered whether I was ever going to be able to see again I thought to myself am I dying Lord says the attack went on for 6 hours and that she was too scared to even bolt for the door because she thought he would catcher and overpower her.

‘He literally sat on top of me on the bed punching my head with his big ass body on top of me. I was punched so hard that I was seeing colors and a bright flashing light. ‘I thought I was going to go blind and wondered whether I was ever going to be able to see again. I thought to myself, am I dying? ‘My head was swollen my neck hurt so bad. He grabbed me by my hair. He would wrestle me one minute then try to hug me. We were going through this for six hours. ‘People will ask why I didn’t just run out of the house but I could not leave. He was never going to let me just walk out of there and go into 7-eleven to get help. ‘I would never have made it. He was capable of anything.’ 

Leal’s ordeal reached a brutal climax around 7am Saturday when she tried to use Gordon’s laptop to send a Facebook SOS to her family.

Her sister Carla ordered her an Uber but by then Gordon had seen the messages, snatched the device away and blocked her escape. In a final desperate attempt to flee Leal says she picked up a large decorative candle and hurled it at Gordon’s face, shattering his nose and causing it to stream blood.

‘I didn’t mean to break his nose but it was a survival instinct,’ she said. ‘He looked at me with such hate that I will never forget it. ‘He raised his fist like he was about to knock me out so I opened the door and ran into his mom’s room. ‘She hopped out of bed, I said ”Michelle I need to get home” and she said she would take me. She is a great woman. She saved my life. ‘Nick threw my stuff all over the sidewalk but it ended right there.’ 

After being dropped at her sister’s place, Leal says her horrified family members demanded that she go to the police to report the attack. When she arrived at the Stanford Police Department she says officers took one look at her bruises and swollen head and said she needed to go to the hospital.

The next day on Jun 10th, Cops found Gordon relaxing in the pool at his mother’s gated community when they arrived to arrest him later that day. And he was arrested for Battery – Touch or strike Domestic Violence and False Imprisonment.

Statement by Police

The victim explained that her boyfriend, later identified as Nicholas Gordon, was responsible for hitting her. The Sanford Police made contact with Nicholas Gordon at the local club house near their residence,” the department said in a statement. “Based on the information provided, Nicholas Gordon was taken into custody and charged with Battery –Touch or Strike (Domestic) and False Imprisonment.”

Nick Gordon appeared in court that Sunday morning where his bail was set at $15,000 for the kidnapping charge and an additional $500 for the battery charge.

Nick Gordon Arrested For Beating Girlfriend Laura Leals in Sanford Fl

So one wonders since you knew that Nick Gordon was suspected of killing his fiancé Bobbi Kristina Brown what would make you wanna date the guy? Laura told the daily mail that she dismissed those reports as negative nonsense she says that when she met Nick Gordon you know when he was 28 at that time he was charismatic she said that they began dating and you know they soon fell in love and that he claimed to have kick drugs during his last it in rehab and we all remember that doctor Phil help Nick get clean after he went to rehab after that show that he did with his mother and Dr Phil where he was high on xanax and drunk. it would it was it was horrible

She said like she felt like she could trust him she said that he loved kids in she loved kids and she said that’s what captured her and that everything was going great and as the weeks went by she says Gordon slowly seized control of her life he would subject her to frequent jealousy outbursts and then slowly started shutting her out of her family her friends and even destroyed her phone sounds familiar doesn’t it .

Bobbi Kristina Brown also experience this behavior by Nick Gordon he also knocked out 2 of her teeth and she was found with a loose tooth sticking out of her mouth the night she was found in that bathtub in that cold water it is possible that Lord could have ended up like Bobbi Kristina it’s very possible .

No criminal charges have been filed in Bobbi Kristina’s death.

The Fulton County District Attorney’s Office has had the case since shortly after Bobbi Kristina was found unresponsive in a bathtub in January 2015. After the Florida charges were filed, the office sent prosecutors to Florida to interview the accuser.

“The interview was very fruitful and we will continue to assess the incident in conjunction with the other evidence in this case,” the Fulton DA’s office said in a statement at the time. “Our goal is to reach the truth in this matter. We believe the interview .. has moved us closer to that goal. It is our normal policy not to comment on investigations currently being conducted by the Fulton County District Attorney’s office. However, because of the tremendous interest in this matter, we are departing from our normal course of action and issuing the following statement.” 

Nick Gordon killed Bobbi Kristina Brown – Whitney Houston daughter!

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