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Media – Leaked pictures of Bobbi Kristina Brown text messages and social media 84

Leakyou.com is the first news source to bring you leaked pictures of Bobbi Kristina Brown text messages and social media by friends and family. These photos were provided by an anonymous source. You will be able to tell from these photos that they are various conversations and text messages between friends and family members of Bobbi Kristina. We also get a better understanding of Leolah Brown and how Bobbi Kristina really felt about her. Apparently Bobbi Kristina hated Leolah Brown with a passion. Recall my previous post on Leolah Brown who is just a hot damn mess!

So lets start with this newly leaked media. You are required to link to http://leakyou.com if you choose to use this media in any way.

We also have obtained leaked screenshots from Bobbi Kristina’s friend Mason Whitaker who talks in great detail of the situation. He lived with Bobbi Kristina and Nick Gordon for quite a while and its just heartbreaking what was happening in Bobbi Kristina’s life. He also states what we already know… Leolah Brown is a fame whore who according to friends even Bobbi Kristina HATED LEOLAH BROWN. Why does Leolah keep trying to force herself on Bobbi?

There is additional screenshots with Mason Whitaker making statements and responses. Just heartbreaking…

So what do you guys think about this? Could anyone have saved Bobbi Kristina from Nick Gordon or was it a domestic violence situation where Bobbi felt like she couldn’t breakaway? Feel free to leave a comment on your thoughts.

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9 thoughts on “Media – Leaked pictures of Bobbi Kristina Brown text messages and social media

  1. Whitaker, seriously, it is fair that you come and get attention and youre telling things theyre not worthing it, not really helping? You just had a good time with Kris but not really knowing her issues. You get the attention, but you never was a helper in anyway!

    • It is very hard to take Mason seriously. But I’ve heard other people who were close to BK say things like they had to lend her money because Nick controlled it all. Mama Deb said Krissi couldn’t even afford to go to a salon to cheer herself up so she gave her the money. But Nick always had wads of cash to go visit strip joints… Nick can’t have many friends left if even Mason has turned on him. I bet we’ve only heard just a small part of the abuse and there’s worse to come. As for that talk about seeing BK in the hospital I think I might know who that would be but won’t say here. They are very inside with the Houston family. An unsettling image that she had that much trauma and she was about to leave him. So many red flags here…

  2. You know the real adults are acting worse than 22 years old. If Krissi was broke , the doctors would have to put an APB on their asses. You family member’s that say I love Krissi, but you sure have a funny way of showing it. Leolah Brown did,” Krissi made it clear that she didn’t want Pat Houston any where near her “,Oh yeah ! Krissi been in Coma 5 months so when Leolah Brown when did Bobbi tell you these thing. I forgot, you’re Leolah Brown. You could read Bobbi Kristina mind while in the Coma. That same fame and money is going to be the down fall of all of you all. That’s the first thing come out of your mouth when talking to a reporter. I really truly believe Krissi didn’t want no dealings with the Brown family. Some not all. Peep this. Krissi stayed in Roswell Ga. Her dad family is also in Atlanta Georgia. Spreader abroad. So why she never hung out with you Aunt Leolah. Flashing lights all up in your grill. So it seem to me she didn’t too much want nothing to do with any side of her family. Mother side or her dad. That’s all you grow people since the young lady was put in a Coma. Bobbi had the weight of the world really on her shoulder when she got older and understood what her parents went through. I’ m so hurt for Bobbi. She had just begun. 21 years old. Roswell Criminal justice system. Please put the (Lion looking Nick Gordon) under the jail. The females hadn’t focused on the mother 7 days a week. 365 a year. Would have seen signs that he was controlling her. Keeping tabs on her millions, but not her. It really a sad situation for any human to endure. Whitney should have smoked every dime. Then what. Half of your raggedy asses wouldn’t answer her calls if it was the opposite. Money is the root of all evil. Fussing about money and the child wasn’t pronounced dead. Who do that. Let it go Brown & Houston family. It’s over. There’s nothing but a shell. It really been that way since day one. The poor baby was just, sick and tired of being sick and tried. God took her home.

  3. When anyone dies and haven’t really been in the world long enough. That goes to show all. That age has nothing to do with nothing. What ever Krissi was engaged in before Whitney’s passing. It mad her habit get even more intended. Pat Houston had this child on a reality show and she was still grieving the lost of her mother. I really believed that Whitney family member was thinking she way okay, but she wasn’t. Reality Show, ( really Pat ). That young lady had many up hill battles. It just seem as if there’s something not firing right. I don’t know why I believe Krissi was not along up stairs in Atlanta Home. What are the odd you dying the same exact way your mother did. That bazaar. I can remember back in the day when the older adults would raised you up to be careful what you ask for. Whitney shot up the ladder of success very fast. Been doing drugs since 15 years old. Who do drugs, ( hard drug) at 15. Broke ass men like Nick. Oh, he was more than happy that Krissi was doing drugs. That way he knew he would always have resource to smoke, shoot, snort, etc. Men like Nick is a master manipulator. He never loved Bobbi. She was his “CashCow”. He knew when Whitney died where would the money come from. Bobbi Kristina Brown. Roswell Criminal Justice System put that lion looking Nick where he needs to be. The nerve of his biological mother came out the wood work. Someone please explain where would Nick obtain 40 million dollars from. Bobbi Kristina only had money wise, 20 million. Where Nick going to get that much money to repay the Civil suit. Hell ! Nick probably giving them their own money back. DMX would say, ” Aint that sum thing.

  4. I think that Mason Whitaker may be a very smart guy and despite how things appear right now, he knows EXACTLY what he is doing! He knows everyone’s weakness, like Nick Gordon’s ego, and is very effectively playing both sides to find out what happened. Don’t be surprised if a lot of tables soon turn!

  5. Whitney has a chance of a lifetime all girls in the hood don’t have. I sing her praises all the time. We each got the pill to swallow in this life u cannot pick out your family members…accidentally u probably gonna pick the wrong person and have a fatal attraction, that is part of living.But hope Krissy seriously had places where she could consider to be comfortable other than auntie Pat. On a normal day, You can go to a bookstore and be comfortable… But not everyone finds the best activities to do when they suffer the crisis of a loss of the loved one. Who doesn’t get absorbed in pity and grief we all do. At some point I came back to life after I loss my Grandma and decided to join a depression group. Get help from clinicians for sleep deprivation, mood swings, being haunted, and addiction is nothing to be ashamed of if you facing difficulty getting your life back alternatively.

  6. So sad Bobbi Kristina Brown went through hell with him!!I hope he rots in jail.I believe he did kill her that’s plain to see.

  7. Your mum has always & will always be my forever greatest icon of all Rest In Paradise Bobbi Kristina Brown safe in your Mother’s arms & the lord God himself <3<3

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